HIPAA Compliant Electronic Medical Records Exchange

Exchange electronic records between medical offices, hospitals, and other facilities safely and securely. Fully HIPAA compliant AES-256 Encryption.

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HIPAA Compliant Medical Records Exchange

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Many offices today utilize fax machines or computerized fax servers, these technologies can be effective, however there has to be a faster more effective way to send and receive records.  Faxing can be very slow especially when many pages are sent.  This ties up your telephone lines and requires monitoring to ensure proper delivery.
  • The Problem

    Most likely you have now or will have soon, a Electronic Medical Records system.  Why not take advantage of your technology and send and receive your records electronically as well.  Additionally, sending and receiving your records electronically almost always gives you a higher quality chart and a much quicker turn around time.

    Dealing with paper is becoming a thing of the past.  CDs and faxes are cumbersome and can get lost in the shuffle.  Paper records can be effective but you have to scan them to get them into your EMR, adding additional equipment and overhead to your business. 

  • The Risks

    The solution is very simple, if both parties could send their records electronically, problem solved!  But, what do I do about HIPAA compliance?  What are the risks? 

    Some medical offices have rolled the dice and are sending and receiving sensitive Protected Heath Information (PHI) over the internet unsecured via email or other means, risking fines and other embarrassments when information gets into the wrong hands.  So what can you do?

  • The Solution

    Download and install ShuttleDocs!  Register here.

    ShuttleDocs is a highly secure, inexpensive service developed to solve these problems.  We utilize Advanced Encryption Systems and multiple layers of security to ensure delivery of your patient medical records. 

    We also provide audit logging and send/receive logs to ensure HIPAA compliance.  Using ShuttleDocs as your medical records sharing solution is risk free, if you don't like it there is no obligation.  We offer free 30 day trials, contact us today.


How it Works?

ShuttleDocs is a simple solution.  All you need to do is register your account, follow the instructions for a simple download and install for your Windows PC. 

ShuttleDocs utilizes Amazon services, a highly reliable network of servers that ensure your data is safe and available when needed. Click here to look behind the scenes of ShuttleDocs and learn more about the security and details of how it works.


Most likely if you have been asked by another account holder to use ShuttleDocs, you won't have to pay anything at all to start using it!  Click here to learn more about the different types of subscriptions and costs.