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ShuttleDocs exists today because of the lack of a simple cost effective way to safely send protected health information over the internet. 

After observing numerous medical records clerks and the immense waste of time it is to print-and-fax over and over again patient medical records, and being frustrated with the lack of technology being used, we decided to solve the problem ourselves and ShuttleDocs was born.

Collaborating with multiple experts from medical records clerks to doctors to discover the problems and the issues involved was invaluable.  There are solutions available today for this problem, but all the ones we found were either very expensive or very expensive and complicated.  We knew there had to be a simple solution and we determined to find it. 

You hear in the news many accounts of business trying get away with not securing their medical records on the internet and their data is breached and sensitive PHI is exposed to the world revealing information to identity thieves and hackers.  We can assure you; we aren't one of them and never will be!  All data is highly secured, AES-256 encrypted, and password protected access, in addition all file names are garbled to eliminate any type of exposure while at rest on the internet.

So after a lot of research and trial and error with actual medical records clerks and doctors we found what we believe is a very simple, yet effective solution.  We hope you agree and give us a try.  You can register for free and without a credit card, there are no obligations or hidden costs. To learn more about ShuttleDocs click here.