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How Much Does it Cost?

Well, that depends on what you need.  If you have been asked by another ShuttleDocs account holder to register so they can send records to you then you don't need to pay anything at all! 

Receiving Records

Receiving records that are sent from another ShuttleDocs account is completely FREE!  There are no obligations, no subscription fees, no strings attached. 

Sending Records

Generally, you will need to pay to be able to send records to another account.  Our entry level subscription package is $50.00 per month.  No startup or other fees, cancel anytime without penalty.

Subscription Types

Depending on your needs there are several subscription packages to choose from. We offer type main types:  Paid Sender and Paid Receiver subscriptions are available.

Paid Sender Subscription:
You pay for the ability to send records to other accounts.  Ask another office to register so they can receive your records and they pay NOTHING!

Paid Receiver Subscription:
You pay for others to be able to send to you.  If you want to allow others to send to you, but you don't want them to have to pay for it, you can subscribe to this type.  You will also be able to send records to other accounts the only difference is others don't have to pay anything to send or receive records from you or to you. This is a great option for specialist offices!


Our entry level subscription cost is $50.00 this covers up to 5 Gigabytes of data per month sometimes referred to as 5GB.  Depending on the type of records you are sending and the resolution of scanned images determines how many patient charts that translates to.  Generally in our experience a single text page can range anywhere from 50KB to 200KB.  So generally you will be able to send about 20,000 pages per month at about 1/4 of a cent per page. Your results may vary greatly depending on the type of files you are using.


Currently there are 5GB, 10GB, 25GB and 75GB levels for Paid Sender and Paid Receiver.


Data LimitPer Month Cost
5GB $75.00
10GB $105.00
25GB $125.00
75GB $175.00


Pricing includes free upgrades and email support as needed.  Please contact us with additional questions or concerns.


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