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How It Works

ShuttleDocs uses the latest cloud technology to deliver your medical records safely and efficiently.

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Using the cloud for information technology solutions is becoming more and more popular lately.  We believe it will benefit you as well for many reasons.  Using the cloud (Amazon in our case) reduces your costs of implementation and maintenance dramatically.  Let the cloud provider do what they do best and let you do what you do best.  In the case of ShuttleDocs we utilize Amazon, one of the largest and most reliable solutions available to exchange your medical records. 

HIPAA Security

Health Care brings its own set of unique challenges when using the cloud.  HIPAA can be a challenge to say the least.  When you mention the "internet" and HIPAA in the same sentence you may have a tendency to cringe.  However, there are many successful, safe products that use the cloud and are HIPAA compliant; we know that ShuttleDocs is one of them. 

Read a White Paper from Amazon about HIPAA in the cloud if you are interested.

How Does it Work

ShuttleDocs utilizes the following technologies to ensure safety of your patients Protected Health Information (PHI):

  • 256 Bit Advanced Encryption Standard generally referred to as AES-256.  This level of encryption is utilized at all levels of transmission and storage of patient demographics and related patient data. (AES-256 is currently known as unbreakable encryption)
  • Filename Obfuscation.  Just a big word that simply means that when a file is stored in the cloud it doesn't contain any identifying information about the patient.  We scramble the filename before it gets sent to prevent possibility of a file named "Susie Smith's Cancer Results.pdf" sitting on a hacked server.
  • Two layer authentication.  Instead of just using a simple email and password to authenticate, we utilize an addition token to virtually eliminate brute force attacks on your account login.
  • Account restrictions.  Your account is the only account that has read access to your information. 
  • Audit Trails.  Every time a file is access in the cloud we log who touched it.  This log contains the Obfuscated filename along with the internet address, date/time and the action taken on the file.
  • Strong Passwords.  We require all account passwords meet minimum requirements,  8 character length and at least one number or one special character is required.  We know this can be a lot to ask, but we are very serious about protecting your account and the related PHI.

We know that was a lot of technical info, we wanted to make sure you appreciate the lengths we have taken to ensure your data is at the least possible risk.  We know there are risks using the "internet" no one can claim they have eliminated all the risks and neither can we, but we believe that we have done our very best and will continue to defend your information as technology evolves.

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Step by Step

Those of you that are bored to tears reading that last bit, here is the short answer to how it works step-by-step.

  1. You gather data from your Electronic Medical Records system into a folder on your computer.
  2. You drag those files from your computer into the ShuttleDocs Send Records screen.
  3. Identify who you want to send the records to. 
  4. Click on Send Records.
  5. ShuttleDocs software renames all the files to random characters and encrypts the data.
  6. ShuttleDocs uploads your renamed, encrypted files to a special folder that only the account you sent them to can read.
  7. The account you sent records to clicks on Check for Records on the Receive Records screen and download what they need.