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Electronic Medical Records Sharing

There are many different methods in use today to share your electronic medical records with others.  Many of the popular methods in use today are using decades old technology and do not offer the conveniences of modern technology.


Faxing is probably the most popular method in use today.  Did you know that the fax machine has been around since 1964?  Although this method has served the medical industry well it has many problems as well that have been brought to light by modern Electronic Medical Records software.

  • Poor quality.  We are becoming used to high quality, high resolution. 
  • Slow.  Faxing can be very slow, request over a few dozen pages can be very problematic and many offices have policies that discourage bulky faxing.
  • Resource Intensive. Many companies have computer servers dedicated to receiving faxes, these computers can then route these files to your EMR, however they are still utilizing old technology over your phone lines just like your old desk fax machine.  These can have a high cost and require maintenance and monitoring.
  • Error Prone.  Do you get frustrated with losing fax pages, upside-down pages, many patients combined into one fax file, etc, etc.


Emailing...  What?  This method might be the most dangerous method available but many medical providers roll the dice and do it anyway.  Although this seems like a simple solution, sharing your information via email may not be the best approach.


Everyone has been asked to mail a CD or stack of pages because there are too many to fax and it will slow down the fax server.  How frustrating!  To add to the problem, after you take the time to print and mail them you find out that they were lost and need to be sent again.  Even if you took the time to burn a CD sometimes this type of sharing of records can be a waste of time.

FTP Hosted, Custom Solutions

Many companies offer a server solution or secure FTP server, some of these solutions can be quite effective, however they generally require additional complicated software to setup and maintain in your office.  This technology is great, but can be a big headache.


ShuttleDocs of course is the method we would prefer you use, but don't just take our shameless self promotion for it.  Take a look at how simple it can be to use this tool as part of your HIPAA compliance.  Utilizing modern cloud based technology for a low maintenance, high value solution.

  • Use it right from your desktop just by printing to a PDF and drag-and-drop into ShuttleDocs.
  • Email notification of records sent and received.
  • Highly secure, positive delivery to the selected account.
  • Fast, depending on how large your files are, records can be delivered in seconds.
  • High value, depending on what type of data you send you could send as many as 20,000 pages per month for as little as $50.
  • Free for some,  ShuttleDocs can be setup so you can have numerous sender or receivers that are free of charge.
  • Simple install,  there are no servers to configure, no IT help needed.